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Committing to Revere 

As a Democrat running for Revere City Council, I am committed to promoting policies that create a more equitable, sustainable, and thriving community.


Affordable Housing: Revere needs more affordable housing options, especially for families and low-income residents. I will work with developers and city officials to create more affordable housing units and make sure that developers who receive city benefits prioritize affordability.

Public Transportation: I believe that access to reliable, affordable public transportation is critical for working families and seniors. I will work to expand public transportation options and support efforts to improve and modernize existing systems.

Environmental Sustainability: As a coastal community, Revere is especially vulnerable to the effects of climate change. I will advocate for policies that prioritize environmental sustainability, such as investing in renewable energy, reducing waste, and improving the city’s resilience to natural disasters.

Economic Development: Revere has tremendous potential for economic growth, but we need to make sure that growth benefits everyone in the community. I will work to attract new businesses and create jobs while also supporting policies that ensure that workers are paid a fair wage and have access to benefits.

Education: A strong education system is essential for the future of our community. I will work with the school committee and community stakeholders to ensure that all children have access to high-quality education and that teachers are supported and compensated fairly.

Community Engagement: Finally, I believe that community engagement is essential to the success of our city. I will work to increase transparency and participation in city government and create more opportunities for residents to provide feedback and influence decision-making.

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